High waist pants (H&M)and off the shoulder ruffled top (CHICWISH.COM)


I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this top, as I was unsure about the how the arm would piece would fit. I am indeed happy with my purchase as it  fit well. The best thing about this top is that it was so much fun coming up with different pieces to pair with it.


Maxi pleated skirt (ASOS) and off the shoulder ruffled top (CHICWISH.COM).

By far this was my favorite look for this top. I think the pop of yellow compliments the style and color of the top. 

off the shoulder top- Chicwish /shorts- Levi’s/ shoes- Steve Maddens/ bag-YSL


Denim Shorts (LEVI’S)  and Off the shoulder Ruffle top (CHICWISH.COM)

Knee High Gladiator – STEVE MADDEN

Bag- YSL


18 thoughts on “Ways2Wear OFF THE SHOULDER, RUFFLE TOP

  1. I love the versatility of this top… so exciting!!! We can’t wait to see more! Love it!

    1. My favorite look were all of them! If I had to choose I am doing the pop of yellow! H&M rocks

  2. From the day I met you I acknowledged you have a fetish for design and a passion for fashion. The true you is popping out of the cloud. Wish you all the best my lovely beautiful young lady👚👙👑👕👔👠👢👗👗🕶👓💼👜

  3. They are classy looks. She’s naturally Beautiful I would wear every design ❤️❤️

  4. Love it she rock it well

  5. Love the look off the shoulder on point

  6. OMG!! Where the hell have you BEEN all my life!!! I so needed this!! I am obsessed!!! Xoxoxoxo


  7. I would wear each and everyone of the above outfits .. True fashionista …fashion is your calling .. you are so passionate about fashion … continue following your dreams .. Sky is the limit … so so proud of you ..

  8. Wow! These styles are amazing…I’ve always been scared to wear ruffles mainly because I just didn’t know how to wear it or what to pair it with but you’ve given me hope and I shall take a shot at it. I especially love the first option. Thanks for sharing Latoya!!

  9. loving the styles i can take a page or two from here to know how to switch up…. your rock those outfits too

  10. Love it! This is how you do it!!!!

  11. You’re so stylish! Awesome combinations! I’m impressed! Wishing you all the best in your fashion pursuits. You’ll def go very far. Hope to take a page out of your book and try to expand my fashion boundaries. Keep it up Toya!

  12. Very versatile and chic. Loved it!

  13. Yes! I never have to buy pre assembled clothes again! Love it all.

  14. You wear this top very well. I could picture myself in the skirt and top. Please send more designs. I’m loving it.

  15. I really love the uniqueness of the ruffle top and yellow skort. Two bold looks that coincidentally compliment each other. Looking forward to more posts babes.

    Xo-Deja #TheLuxeFare

  16. Go Girl, you look awesome. Your fashion style is undeniably above and beyond. Your God given passion for fashion styles is definitely you. Good luck and continue the long road to be better as time goes by.

  17. OMG!!! Absolutely love all the looks especially the ruffle top because I own the short sleeve version and I also paired it with some yellow pants.. Very trendy!!

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