As I’ve stated in my previous post that skirts were never really my favorite, but I have developed what  I would call it a “PLAYFUL” relationship with skirts. When I say “playful” I simply means that I have to implement fun ways to wear them.  As we all know it is “summer time”, what perfect time to wear skirts? This skirt is not your ideal denim skirt and what really “woo” me into getting it, is 1- its maxi (I love maxi everything) and 2- this maxi skirt give me a “vintage/ 70’s vibe”. In my posts you will see 3 ways to pair this  maxi denim skirt.

TOP- www.simpleeapparel.com

SKIRT- marshalls

SANDALS- www.zara.com


TOP- Tj Maxx

SKIRT- Marshalls

SHOES- Steve Maddens

The thing I love about this skirt is that you can dress it up without feeling overly or under dressed.


TOP- Levi’s

SKIRT- Marshalls

SHOES- Converse

This look by far is my absolute favorite, this is me on a regular day. I had fun coming up with Ways2Wear this maxi denim skirt, however the texture and fabric was the only thing that caused any difficulties. The fabric of the skirt is a stretchy and form fitting denim, so finding tops that compliments the looks that I was going for was challenging.


IMG_0957 (1)


4 Replies to “Ways2Wear MAXI DENIM SKIRT”

  1. Love all of these outfits!! You’re SUPER inspirational & I’m so stoked to see what’s in store for the fall (:

  2. The top from TJ Max is my absolute fav! What kind of bra would I wear for that kind top though? I’m trying to keep my girls from running around creating chaos

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