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.  What a time to be alive.  Fall is actually approaching, and I must say  this is the season where my heart belongs.  When it comes to fashion and styling, Fall  gives me the opportunity to play around and have fun with my personal style. I am one of those persons that could wear fall […]

TOP- Forever21 STRIPED PALAZZO PANTS – Forever21 NECKLACE – As spring  slowly approaches, maybe it is time for me to lay off darker colors for a while “hence” the reason behind this post. I am unsure if that truly will be the case, however all the more reasons for me to come up with ways […]

“THE POWER OF THE RUCHED SLEEVE WRAP BLOUSE”, by far this one of my favorite piece for the summer. This blouse can be pretty much worn with anything, “I mean anything”. Not only does the versatility of this blouse intrigue me,  but the fact that it is also suitable for any occasion excites me. In […]

Growing up, I was never a girly girl. As my wardrobe was made up of  pants, sweat pants, blouses, t-shirts and more pants. Skirts and dresses were the last thing on my shopping lists.  As I’ve gotten older, my sense of style have changed just a little in a sense of incorporating the things that […]

As I’ve stated in my previous post that skirts were never really my favorite, but I have developed what  I would call it a “PLAYFUL” relationship with skirts. When I say “playful” I simply means that I have to implement fun ways to wear them.  As we all know it is “summer time”, what perfect […]

High waist pants (H&M)and off the shoulder ruffled top (CHICWISH.COM) Red Mule – STEVE MADDENS I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this top, as I was unsure about the how the arm would piece would fit. I am indeed happy with my purchase as it  fit well. The best thing about this top is […]