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Hello i’m Latoya Lightbody, a Stylist, Designer and Content Creator for LIGHTBODY STYLE. This is more than a numbers game for me, My BA in business and background in banking only scrapes the bottom of why i’m so good with multiplying. I coined LightBody Style as a means for expressing my style sense with unlimited supply. Being a woman, mother, entrepreneur, designer, stylist it’s in my nature to find ways to make a difference while adding value. Through LightBody Style I showcase the numerous ‘ways-2-wear’ fashion beauty and lifestyle choices.

Ways 2 Wear by Light Body Style is simply about finding different ways to wear an article of clothing. I am almost certain that I am not the only one who have or had items of clothing in their closet that  have only been worn once, mainly because we don’t want to repeat wearing the same item the same way, or we’re just unsure of what to wear it with. My goal really is to maximize your wardrobe by minimizing what you spend on clothes.

Follow our style guide featuring tips to turn one way or another! Explore our looks and book your ticket to style!